ERT-50 4G failover and Out–of–Band Management
ERT-50 is a 4G redundant networking device. When the device connects SMEs and retail chain stores’ wired broadband network, its built-in broadband disconnection standby system (failover), will automatically detect wired broadband Internet status.
When the wired broadband fails, the ERT-50 can quickly switch to 4G LTE wireless broadband high-speed Internet.
The device significantly reduces enterprise networking break time and effectively enhance the operational efficiency.From financial and insurance industries that are sensitive to real-time trading to retail credit card transactions and e-commerce with needs of highly networked business platform, equipping with the redundant networking ERT-50 connector will significantly improve customer satisfaction.
In addition to using normal AC power supply, the ERT-50 is equipped with Ethernet -powered mechanism (IEEE802.3af) as a power backup. At locations that cannot use AC power conveniently, ERT-50 can also be accessed via Ethernet to obtain power supply. With this multiple power supply design, it further meets the business need and demand of flexible external device settings.
4G LTE Modem
Plug-and-Play Overlay Failover
Gigabit RJ45 Serial Port
IEEE802.3af PoE
External USB 3.0 Port
LTE Signals
Active GPS Support