HCA-08 Smart Home Streaming Alerts Device
HCA-08 is an intelligent streaming alert device with built in high sensitive microphone and high quality speaker using a wireless network with 11n technology.
The long-lasting rechargeable batteries and energy-saving design makes this device provides user a superb operating performance experience.This device has a 60dB maximum volume limit
and wireless switches and many other thoughtful designs,which can be applied to a variety of usage settings.
HCA-08 has a unique environment intelligent motion detector and filtering mechanisms that can send accurate and timely warning messages. With seamless two-way communication design, it allows the controller and device to communicate in no time


60 decibels maximum volume limitation
wireless power switch
3.5mm earphone port
Music play and volume up/down button
Effective rechargeable battery
High sensitive microphone
High-quality stereo speakers
Wireless streaming music
4 Gigabyte storage capacity